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  • Moving Forward

    If you’re following the progress of Duality, then you are already aware that I have cut back my role in the development of the project for personal reasons, and am now advising a group of core maintainers from the community who continue where I left off.

    After almost ten years as the main developer of the project, this was a big leap of faith for me - but in retrospect, I probably should have taken it years ago. Let me explain.

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  • Welcome Back

    There are two things I’m refering to with the headline here.

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  • Duality v3 Release

    After a long public beta in source code form, Duality v3 is now officially released.

    Have fun, and build something nice.

  • Duality Dev Update, December 2017

    So, this is the first blog entry that I’m writing after switching from Wordpress to Jekyll - less clunky, easier to maintain, static. Besides this little blog update, let’s take a look at what’s been cooking in the Duality game engine over the past months.

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  • Makeshift Changelogs From GitHub Issues

    This is something from the “it kind of make sense that it exists, but it never crossed my mind to actually Google it” category.

    Say you’ve been away from a GitHub project for a while and just returned to see what happened in the meantime. You’re a bit out of the loop and don’t feel like reading all 500+ semi-descriptive commit headings to get a rough idea, and there is no official changelog in sight.

    One thing you can do to still get a picture is browse through closed issues on GitHub and as it turns out, you can easily filter them by the date range they have been updated last. When you then sort them by the number of comments as an indicator of scope and importance, you end up with a query like this.

    There you go. Makeshift changelog for a time range of your choice.