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  • Sprite Animation, Text Rendering and Postprocessing

    Apparently videoblogging is a great distraction from preparing for exams.

  • Exams again

    Urgh.. no time for Duality. All busy learning several forms of stuff.

  • Smooth Animations

    Just done with the new AnimSpriteRenderer. Besides the obvious it has a nice little additional feature: Smooth sprite animations. When having less Sprite frames available than visually pleasant, in some cases it may help to blend frames instead of switching them.

    In case of the explosion sprite I used for testing, this feature really pays off. Take a look at the AnimSpriteRenderer demo I’ve uploaded, if you want to see for yourself. Download the .zip file, unpack it and run DualityLauncher.exe.

  • Sounds good

    After releasing a first demo of Duality I’m planning to approach creating a simple game using framework and editor myself. Since I’m not pretending most of the gaming community being deaf, the biggest thing still missing in Duality is any kind of sound. Until now.

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  • First Duality Demonstration

    Despite the enormous amount of work that will still be needed to bring Duality anywhere near “actually usable”, I’ve punched myself through to a first release that allows you to take a look at how it’s going to be. I can’t complete a project like this all alone without anyone but myself testing it, so I’m going to release something like that any time I hit a personal milestone.

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