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  • Clone Wars

    Tightly connected to Prefabs is the ability to clone GameObjects. If a Prefab is just a boxed and isolated GameObject hierarchy, instantiating a GameObject from a Prefab means to create a deep copy of the internal GameObject and pass the cloned version as a return value. Cloning an object might also come in handy for actual ingame usage, but either way, the possibility to do that is absolutely necessary.

    But how?

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  • Prototypin' around

    Time for a new project! After strolling around in the realms of potential development headlines, I finally seem to have found something worth doing again.

    It has been quite a way to figure it out; the only thought that came into my mind after finishing Nullpunkt was “God, I really hate content creation”. But maybe it was just one of these days. The following weeks I chewed a lot on the how’s and where’s of procedual content generation but didn’t quite get to actually design or prototype something. It turned out to be just another mind experiment.

    However, I’m currently pretty interested in game engine design, so I’m doing just that: Designing a game engine.

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  • Nullpunkt – A development review

    Some weeks ago, I released my recent project: Nullpunkt. It was a two-dimensional space shooter aimed at a dense atmosphere and game experience. If you want to test it yourself, you will find the download below the linked trailer. I’m now and on the verge of beginning something new, so it seems to be just about the right time to take a look back and evaluate what went right – and what wrong.

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  • Hello, world

    This is the first entry. As a game-developing hobbyist, there’s always something to do and a lot of things to learn. Since I began eight years ago, there was almost no time when I didn’t have a dev diary thread in some forum; and it is something I wouldn’t want to miss. While my projects grew and matured, I thought it was time to also bring my dev diary to a new level: Leaving “the forum” and building a blog as something independently existing from a specific community.

    Welcome to my blog.