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  • Onikira Early Access

    Just a quick note to all of you who might have missed it: Onikira – Demon Killer, the first commercial game done using Duality is now on Steam Early Access, and it’s also on sale right now. Go grab it while it’s still hot!

  • Ownership Inversion in Delegates

    As you probably know, I’m currently busy rewriting the Cloning system in Duality. While you can read most of my experiences doing so in my last blog entry, there is a peculiar little problem case that revealed itself just recently. It should be solved by now, but I thought it might be interesting enough for its own followup entry. Let’s call it Ownership Inversion in Delegates.

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  • How to Clone an Object

    Making an exact copy of an object isn’t an everyday use case for most programming APIs, but there are certain tasks where the ability to do so is vital. It’s not an easy task per se, and it requires a lot of thought when executed on a larger scale. When designing a modular framework like Duality, where every user can easily add custom classes into the realm of conveniently automated behavior, things get even worse. Fingers crossed, I might finally have found a solution.

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  • Package Management in Duality

    If you’re a C# developer, there’s a good chance that you already know what NuGet is, or at least have overheard someone talking about it. The main idea is to stop delivering precompiled dependencies along with source code, and instead provide a central repository where all these binary packages are stored. Whenever someone needs one of them, it can be downloaded automatically, and whenever a new version is available, upgrading is only a mouse click away. Package Management is just incredibly convenient – and now, Duality makes use of it. Let’s take a quick look at how it works.

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  • Hodor

    I’ve written an insanely useful software that turns everything you type into “hodor”. It’s on GitHub.

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