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  • Text Rendering

    Along with some internal Duality updates, there is a new TechDemo available that shows different text rendering approaches. You can get it here.

  • Duality has Moved

    As of July 21, Duality has move from google code to GitHub. Although google code and SVN provided a great platform for “personal” Open Source projects, Git(Hub)s focus on collective development and decentralized version control eventually convinced me to move. Although Git and GitHub seem to be quite popular these days, both were pretty new to me and I had no idea where to start; so I did a lot of superficial google research and forum inquiries.

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  • Greetings to Dublin

    What has been silently on its way for quite a while is now official: The small indie team BatCat Games will be using Duality for their upcoming project Honourbound, as they announced in a recent blog posting. There’s also an old (pre-Duality) prototype video that shows the direction in which they’re heading with this.

    Their decision to use Duality has been great news – and I hope that Honourbound will be an equally great success for BatCat Games. Make it awesome.

  • Mailbag: Plugins and Messaging

    There was quite some useful information in the answers to the last few e-mails I’ve received – or I hope so, at least. That’s for you to decide. Time for another mail bag posting!

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  • Mailbag: Civilization and ContentRefs

    Sometimes, there are questions. And sometimes they happen to be in e-mails I receive through this blog. I usually take the time to answer them if I’m not too busy and occasionally, these answers can get very long. This time it’s about Civilization and referencing content in Duality.

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