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Picking Colors

Have you ever used the .Net Color Picker Dialog? I did for a while but wasn’t quite content with it. For the Duality Editor, I don’t need any dialog-internal predefined colors and the additional clicks to define and choose a custom color reduce its usability. Also, there is no way to select a color with alpha channel support. After evaluating some other .Net ColorPicker modules out there, I decided to write my own. You can see the result on the right. If you need something similar, feel free to download its source code (Visual Studio Solution) and use it in your own project.

Although the ColorPickerDialog class being the center of this assembly, the Controls ColorSlider, ColorPanel and ColorShowBox are individually usable as well. They scale well to almost any size. As the creation of this set of Windows.Forms Controls is just a sideeffect of my current Duality development, please excuse the fact that the code isn’t documented well and might not represent the best code design in existence. However, it is well tested and ready to be used.

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