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Awkward Silence

So, yeah… um… you come here often?

If this is the case, you might have noticed the complete lack of updates since August. There are several reasons for it and I plan to revive this blog as soon as they’re gone. I’m in the last semester of my (bachelor) studies now an they required me to do an internship spanning 360 hours. So I asked Deck13 about whether they’d like me to hang around five days a week instead of one, and they accepted, so I began in the end of August. My job was to create an all-new Asset Management system, because the old one was a little buggy, hard to use and already grinding on the nerves of a lot of people. (Asset Management means making the import and processing of game content into the engine manageable, reproducable and configurable.) It was an exciting task, involving large portions of software design and GUI design – needless to say, it completely absorbed me for the time being. After nine to ten hours at work plus two hours getting there and back home, there simply wasn’t anything left for Duality. At least not beyond bugfixes and small tweaks.

But that’s over now. What currently keeps me away from active development is my bachelor thesis that’ll be due in the end of January. I’m approximately 70% done by now, and since I’m writing about the Duality project, it’ll most likely find its way into this blog when the time comes. Only in german, though.

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