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  • Random Gamedesign Memo

    Do you know that famous Game Designer Peter Molydeux? No, not Molyneux, silly. The oher one. He’s constantly posting game design ideas on Twitter. Most of them appear to be some kind of hilarious intellectual fall-out, but in all this crazyness, there is a creative genius hidden somewhere. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely read his tweets. Doing so for quite a while now has inspired me to write down some thoughts myself. I’d love to experiment with them, but it seems like I’m pretty occupied with Duality now, so I guess the best thing I can still do is share them.

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  • Bachelor Thesis

    Three months and countless caffeinated drinks later, it’s finally done: My bachelor thesis has been graded and I’m back to normal life again. Since a large portion of my thesis deals with the inner workings and design descisions of Duality, it might be worth reading for anyone who is interested in the project. You can read it here. Only available in german, though.

  • Awkward Silence

    So, yeah… um… you come here often?

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  • Dualitor: Tweaking Usability

    We steadily progress forward through life, but can only understand it backwards. Which is kind of a usability faux-pas. So clearly, what the world needs is more Duality updates. This is a small one, though. But it has pretty pictures in it!

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  • A physical Platformer

    Videoblog #6: Click here

    You can download the Platformer Example here. It contains a project template that will set up the example project from the video. Just use it to create a new project.

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