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  • Physics

    Fourteen. That’s the number of different joint types in the Farseer physics engine. When I started porting it from XNA to OpenTk and glueing it into Duality they were pretty much left out entirely. Who needs joints anyway? Well.

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  • FlightSim: More pretty pictures

    We’ve been making a lot of progress, even in the long uncared-for hardware department. That’s a good thing, since we’ll reach the project deadline on wednesday. Time for more pictures!

  • Card-Post

    In case you wondered what the lack of updates could mean: I’m not really working on Duality right now. There’s just too much stuff I need to take care of first. Here, I’ll leave you a postcard.

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  • Stacking stuff

    I’m pretty occupied by studying right now and there’s a lot of work stacking up on my ToDo list. But! I spared a thought for you, fellow reader. In case you want to do some stacking yourself you can try my recent Tetris demo of Duality. You see, I think everyone should get to to stack some stuff. Also it’s got a twist.

    Music by SunandWeather.

  • Debugging comfort

    Nobody does as much Duality-related debugging as I do, so I recently explored ways to make this task a little more comfortable. As I discovered, there is more than one way to achieve that.

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